Recommendations with AI

Use Case: Fashion

Would you like to increase your conversion rates, average order value or engagment? Our visuall recommendation service can help you. We can provide your customers the visually closest products from your catalogue.

Our recommendation service can process images with clean or cluttered background.


Automatic custom coarse and fine category selection


Automatic custom detection of all relevant objects in the image

Signature computation

Automatic computation of image unique description

Gender and age

Automatic estimation of person’s gender and age


Automatic custom color sorting algorithm


Custom search for visually closest products

Recommendation Results

Our Service is Customer Oriented

Free Demo

API Available

Customer References

Ready to Experience Our Recommendations First Hand?

Visit our demo platform and click on any product you are interested in. All similar products provided to you come from our recommendation software. The similarity is purely visual and takes into account several properties at the same time: colour, shape, texture and text.

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