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Frequently asked questions

Why are product recommendations important?

Research shows that an additional recommended product page view due to recommendations leads to 15% increase in purchase probability. Furthermore, if consumers prefer to purchase via recommendations, it increases the firm's revenue at a higher rate than purchases via search alone.

Why should you choose VisualSearch over other recommender systems?

Other recommender systems are based on previous shopping behaviour or on products that other shoppers bought as well. VisualSearch shows products that are similar to the one that your customer is currently viewing. They see exactly what they are looking for, only in slightly different versions. This increases the chance of purchase because they are seeing more products that they could like.

What if the number of products or the views of my website change?

Please contact us in case of any significant changes.

How does VisualSearch work?

Our recommendation system automatically generates visually similar products for every product in your catalogue. The system takes the images of all your products and compares their looks without the need to analyze data from users. We carefully compare the look using custom AI algorithms tuned on large datasets. We care about the performance of your shop and optimized our algorithms for different sizes of shop catalogues. This helps you save maintanance costs and regularly check for new or deleted products. In case of any detected changes, the recommendations are updated regularly.

Would you like to see VisualSearch in action?

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